Independent Stairlift Reviews

" The stairlift is very good value and craftmanship, it is very safe and compact. It is excellent for my husband as it is much easier for him to get upstairs - thank you. "

Independent Stairlifts - Direct From Manufacturers

As our name states, we are an independent company - we have sourced the best british manufacturers of stairlifts Acorn, Brooks, Bison and the Flow stairlift. By contacting us you will be dealing directly with the leading stairlift manufacturers in the world. Direct. With dealing direct not only can we save you money up to 50% off all stairlifts we can find the most suitable stairlift based on your requirements. All options are available the curved, straight and outdoor stairlift. Deal directly with the leading manufacturers call today on 0800 073 9849. Ask for the Free Guide and DVD.

Why Buy Your Stair lift from Us?

Homeowners nationwide choose Independent Stairlifts to guide them through the stair lift market so they can enjoy easier access to the upstairs of their properties, Here are a few of the benefits of the stairlift manufacturers we deal with.

Why Independent Stairlifts?

  • Free, no obligation quote.
  • Best prices Guaranteed.
  • Installed throughout the UK.
  • Best advice on buying a Stairlift.
  • Fast installation.
  • Local 24/7 Aftercare
  • British/English manufacturing.
  • Accredited 99.6% reliability.
  • Resale policy.
  • Accreditations
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For all of these reasons, and many more, we are well-established as one of the leading UK information websites of high quality stairlifts.

To learn more about the manufacturers that we work with, why not ask for a free product guide to see for yourself what we can offer? Alternatively, contact us directly via email on to begin your enquiry, or call us Freephone today on 0800 073 9849 to discuss your requirements with our leading manufacturers.


Independent Stairlifts Introduction Video

The founder of independent stairlifts introduces the website and explains in a short message all the information on all the trusted manufacturers and all the features that are available. For more information please contact us directly.

Stairlift Features with Dr Hilary Jones

Stairlift information video with Dr Hilary Jones. All the features that you must have on a stairlift such as Safety Sensors, Swivel Seat, Seat Belt, Diagnostic Controls, Soft Start and Stop, Dc Battery Powered, Remote Control and Easy to Use Controls.